Certificate in Change Leadership

Ready for a Change?

In today’s fast-paced world change is the new normal. To remain competitive, organizations must be ever adaptive.

For change to be truly lasting, all employees, especially those in leadership roles, must become change agents. They must be equipped with the skills and techniques to guide their teams through the uncertainty that comes with change. They need sound project management techniques, excellent communication skills and an understanding of the bigger picture.

Well trained change leaders ensure that productivity remains stable, morale does not waver, deadlines are met and budgets stay on track.

The graduate Certificate in Change Leadership delivers the theoretical framework, as well as the functional skills that allow working professionals to guide change in their workplace. Specialized courses promote fast development of core competencies. Co-curriculum activities and guest speakers provide practical insight and networking opportunities with successful change leaders and co-students.

This certificate is targeted for those who want to be in the driver’s seat – regardless if they are top level CEOs leading their companies through difficult times, midlevel managers and team leaders tasked with implementing change programs, or any professional who wishes to help shape their workplace. Students completing the program will be awarded a Certificate in Change Leadership from the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology at Webster University, a leading provider of business education worldwide.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the certificate will have demonstrated the ability to use diagnostic models to plan and carry out effective change projects and interventions. They will be able to use their personal selves (thoughts, assumptions, feelings, and behaviors) as instruments of change. In addition they will have the skills to successfully design and implement formal evaluations for every change project they initiate or engage in. Successful graduates will demonstrate a commitment to performance improvement in an organization either as internal change agents or external consultants.

Course Requirements

The certificate consists of 12 US credit hours and can be completed within 9 months.

Required 4 courses (3 credit hours each)

Time Schedule

  • 2-day sessions
    (Friday 10 am–6 pm + Saturday 9 am–1 pm)
  • 3 sessions per course
    (altogether 12 sessions in 9 months)
  • Co-curriculum activities
    (e.g. Fireside chats) Fridays 6 pm–9 pm
  • Starting date
    Each Fall semester (end of August)

How to Apply

The Certificate in Change Leadership is part of our Graduate offerings. To apply, please follow our applications guidelines for Graduate programs on: webster.ac.at/apply-now

To be eligible for this certificate you need:

  • A Bachelor degree from an accredited university.
  • A minimum of two years of work experience.

Are you interested in learning more?
Contact our admissions department at: admissions@webster.ac.at; +43 1 269 92 93 - 0

For current Webster students: please contact your advisor to register for the certificate.