Research - Business and Management

The business and management department is committed to high-quality academic research that bridges theory and practice to explore contemporary issues in business, management, finance, economics, and entrepreneurship. The department’s diverse faculty specializations and location in Vienna foster interdisciplinary research with an international perspective. Oriented on the standards of the international scientific community, the department’s objective is to be engaged in international research collaborations, to publish findings in leading journals, and present at conferences.

Core Research Areas

While faculty members’ breadth of knowledge covers a wide range of fields within business and management, the core of their research focuses on the following areas:

  • MIS (Management Information Systems)
  • Change, Strategic, and Supply Chain Management
  • Finance
  • Housing Markets
  • Economics of Tourism, Energy, and Healthcare
  • Project & Stakeholder Management

Research Projects

Dr. Nikolaos Antonakakis

  • The impact of fiscal austerity on mental health.

Dr. Pernille Eskerod

  • Corporate branding as a means to successful change management within organizations.

Dr. Maria Madlberger

  • Analysis of electronic commerce / mobile commerce business models.