Bronwyn K. Mitterecker Memorial Alumni Award

The Webster Vienna Alumni Association annually honors an alumna or alumnus of Webster Vienna Private University who has made meritorious contributions to the community through his or her field of voluntary service or profession.

The award recognizes the impact and service of an alum / an alumna to the betterment of society. The award was created in memory and honor of Bronwyn K. Mitterecker, who worked for Webster Vienna for more than a decade serving as Director of Admissions and as Alumni Coordinator. It was established by her husband after her passing in 2005.

The 2019 award was presented to Josipa Palac (B.A. 2011)

Nominated by alumni, students, faculty and staff, the 2019 award was presented to Josipa Palac (B.A. 2011), who is the president and founder of the ICDO, the International Cultural Diversity Organization. The ICDO is a human rights organization, dedicated to making the entire world richer -- richer in cultural expressions, richer in cultural exchanges, richer in cultural variety, and to save the riches that we already have in this regard for posterity.

Her nominator wrote about her: “A wonderful thing about Josipa is her dedication to cultural diversity, not just as an academic concept and abstract ideal, but as a concrete reality that needs continuous nurturing and encouragement.  Josipa has a remarkable capacity for empathy and a strong sense of fairness. She also has brilliant networking skills, and a dedication to the quest for objective knowledge, especially in the field of cultural anthropology.”

Josipa studied media communications and international relations at Webster Vienna and then, for her MA, cultural anthropology at the University of Vienna.

Previous recipients include:

2019 Josipa Palac B.A. 2011
2014 Tolga Yazıcı B.A. 1995
2012 Anastasia Ioannidis M.A. 1984
2011 Kristina Hahsler B.A. 2002
2010 Selma Zahirović B.A. 2003
2009 Ingrid Schörghuber MBA 1996
2008 Jeanette Miller M.A. 1993
2007 Stefano Cantini M.A. 1994
2006 Roswitha Weinrich B.A. 1985