Bronwyn K. Mitterecker Memorial Alumni Award

The Vienna Alumni Association frequently honors an alumna or alumnus of Webster Vienna Private University who has made specific, meritorious contributions to the community through his or her profession or through voluntary work.

The award recognizes high, significant achievement by the individual and is in line with Webster Vienna’s mission and vision. The award was named in memory of Bronwyn K. Mitterecker, who served Webster Vienna for over a decade in the alumni services.

In 2014, Tolga Yazıcı (B.A. 1995) received the award for his role as the Chairman of Plato College of Higher Education, which he transformed into a network of campuses in 13 cities in Turkey and Kyrgyztan. He is a member of the Association of Turkish Non-Profit Private Universities and also has extensive experience in entrepreneurship in a wide spectrum of industries. He was also the commencement speaker at the 2014 graduation.


If you know of someone who you think is deserving of this award, please submit your nominations to In your nomination, please state reasons why you think he or she deserves this award, what achievements they have accomplished or which contributions they have made to society.

            Previous recipients include:

            2014 Tolga Yazıcı, B.A. 1995

            2012 Anastasia Ioannidis, M.A. 1984

            2011 Kristina Hahsler, B.A. 2002

            2010 Selma Zahirović, B.A. 2003

            2009 Ingrid Schörghuber, MBA 1996

            2008 Jeanette Miller, M.A. 1993

            2007 Stefano Cantini, M.A. 1994

            2006 Roswitha Weinrich, B.A. 1985


If you would like to set up an award in your or someone else’s name to honor deserving students, alumni, faculty or staff, please contact us at or +43-1-269 92 93-0.