Brigitte Lintner, MBA

Risk Management Support and Internal Coach
Ceska Sporitelna a.s., Prague
MBA '97

"I was offered a scholarship for an MBA program at Webster while I was working in a commercial center of ERSTE Bank in Vienna – thus was able to combine work and studies – an arrangement which proved to be extremely valuable and fruitful – especially in respect to bringing in first hand experiences from day to day work. Apart from learning a lot about Business, Finance and Economics, additional value came from studying with a very diverse and international student body , from inspiring work with lecturers who all had “real life experience” (after all these years I am still in touch with some of them), from numerous group projects and a study trip to South Africa soon after the political scene had changed. While I was still working on my MBA I was offered a position in a different department of the bank, starting to set up a process for financial analysis of international clients – thus making use of my Business skills and experience of Webster.

Not too long after graduation I moved to Prague, Czech Republic – again with ERSTE Bank/group, where I first worked in the local branch of ERSTE Bank Czech Republic and a year later was part of the team that lead the bank into the merger with Ceska Sporitelna and then consequently transformed this Czech savings Bank. I am now working for the bank’s Chief Risk Officer - coordinating the division’s activities in both strategic and operational issues, including training and development for and coaching of our staff. Having studied at Webster has not only provided the necessary Business understanding but also has tremendously helped to work in an international environment, to become more aware of cultural differences , to leverage them and enjoy the challenge of a diverse work environment."