Assel Serikbayeva, MA '13, International Relations

on Webster's Internship Opportunity for Graduate IR students at OPEC during Nov-Dec, 2012

My Webster internship at the OPEC PR & Information Department has proven to be an invaluable experience for me. It gave me an insight to organizational structure and internal processes of one of the most prominent intergovernmental organizations from its very core. Working with the experienced team of editors gave me an opportunity to develop my writing skills and to understand the practice of creating a publication from scratch. I published two articles at the OPEC Bulletin. One of the highlights of my internship was definitely the OPEC Ministerial Conference: understanding of the political nature of the organization gave me a good foundation for recognizing the complexity of the IR field. My internship was not only a professional but also a human experience. OPEC has a melting pot-like working environment where I found great friends and important networking contacts. Adding this all up makes me conclude that the OPEC internship is undoubtedly a rewarding undertaking!