Ass. Prof. Dr. Kathleen Hodkinson

After completing her undergraduate degree, Kathleen worked as a research assistant at the University of Oxford in the field of cognitive interventions for insomnia (supervised by Professor Allison Harvey). She completed her clinical training at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, and carried out her doctoral research on the role of cognition in auditory hallucinations (supervised by Professor Daniel Freeman). Kathleen then worked as a clinical psychologist in the National Health Service in the UK, specializing in adult mental health and psychosis. Her main therapeutic approach is cognitive behavioral but she also has training and experience in other therapeutic modalities including third wave approaches and family interventions for psychosis.
In 2014 Kathleen moved to Vienna to take up her new role at Webster University. She is passionate about helping students to genuinely integrate research and clinical practice, and to think critically about the psychiatric system based on current research in the field. She aims to teach students to develop a non-pathologizing and compassionate approach to psychological distress, incorporating the evidence for the dimensional nature of many psychiatric difficulties and their basis in ‘normal’ psychological processes.

Country of Origin:
United Kingdom

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Courses taught at Webster




  • Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, University of Oxford, 2010
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy), Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, 2008
  • BA Hons, Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, 2003

Research Interests

My research interests are in the field of clinical psychology, in particular:

  • Psychopathology: comorbidity/diagnostic uncertainty and critical psychiatry, dimensional models, transdiagnostic processes and therapeutic implications
  • Cognitive behavior therapy and third wave approaches
  • Psychological processes and interventions in psychosis

I am currently in the process of developing a research program following several years working primarily as a clinician.

Publications & Conference Presentations

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*Earlier publications are under K. Stinson