What's the right age to start your business?

On Friday, 2nd October, 2015 Webster Vienna Private University, in cooperation with Vienna Business Week, hosted an entrepreneurial breakfast & panel discussion on the topic "What's the right age to start your business?". More and more entrepreneurs are starting at a young age, even dropping out of university to put their ideas to a test. What particular challenges do young entrepreneurs face? What advice can successful peers give them? After opening remarks by Business and Management Department Head Christian Newman, M.S.e. these questions and more were discussed by the following panelists:

  • Vladimir Novotny (Czech Republic) – involved in his family’s grocery delivery company and restaurants
  • Jesus Rodriguez (Venezuela) – Owner/General Manager of Restaurant Soprano Wien
  • Babak Sarami (Iran) – Co-founder of Vienna Residence & Worldwide Residence, Rental Apartments
  • Ivan Struk (Serbia/Russia) – Co-founder/Finance Director of Artbeat TV production
  • Petar Georgiev (Bulgaria) – involved in his family’s undergarment production facility (for Huber/Skiny)

All five panelists are active Webster Business & Management students or Alumni who have either started their own business or joined their family enterprise at a young age, willing to share their individual entrepreneurial experience with the audience.

Read their best quotes:

“Age doesn’t matter. If you have a good idea and a great network that is far more important!” – Babak Sarami

“Being your own boss at such a young age can definitely become a challenge later on in life. I mean if you never had a boss or a mentor to guide you through certain situations.” - Jesus Rodriguez

“It was the biggest hurdle to be taken seriously as a very young entrepreneur. You really have to succeed in making a professional appearance and keeping your promises. Everything that would be expected from adult business people.” – Ivan Struk

“The right age is when you are fully able to love what you do. Money is just a tool so you can pay for an additional employee for example. However when you can open your heart and fully love and believe in what you do, that’s what it’s all about!” – Petar Georgiev

“If someone wants to help you, listen! Don’t assume you know everything at that young age already.” – Jesus Rodriguez