Wenkheim Wednesday: 15 weeks left!

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014
Happy Wenkheim Wednesday! We have just 15 weeks until we move in and a great deal has happened lately at the new building. Earlier this week, the keys to the building were officially passed over to our new Head of Facility Management for Palais Wenkheim, Renata Caminada. The occasion marks the first step towards moving into the new Webster campus.

So far, the construction of the 1st through 5th floors is complete, while the ground floor will still need a week or two of additional construction work before it is finished. The most exciting advancement to occur this week, which all can enjoy, is the taking down of the scaffolding around the front of the building. Now the building glows on Praterstrasse with its beautiful,  white facade.  Other changes include the completion of the bathrooms and the installation of lighting in the atrium which will illuminate the glass ceiling during the evening. Look forward to next week as we begin to cover the furniture move-in.

To read more updates about the new campus, Palais Wenkheim, check out our Countdown page. For more pictures from today's post, check out our Facebook page.