Wenkheim Wednesday: 10 Weeks!

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014
Only ten more weeks 'til we officially  open the doors to Palais Wenkheim and begin a new chapter in Webster history.  This week will be the final week for our construction workers as they briskly finish up the final touches to the building's mill work.

Since last week, the library's project rooms have nearly been completed. The rooms now feature comfortable booth seating, surrounding each room's large work table. In addition, sliding glass doors have been added to the rooms.

All of the swivel chairs have been moved out of the hallways and into classrooms. Be aware, the classrooms pictured so far currently have 5-10 more chairs inside them than planned and will be much more spacious once the semester begins.

A great deal of work has also been finished on the ground floor. We are very excited to now have seating surrounding our historic fountain and a new reception desk too!  Most of what remains to be done will take place in the student lounge where even more benches are being built.

For more updates and photos about our new location, visit our Wenkheim Countdown page or check out our Facebook.