Wenkheim Countdown: 22 Weeks

Wednesday, March 19, 2014:
Over the past few months, our upcoming campus, Palais Wenkheim, has been undergoing a series of renovations to transform the historical building into a proper learning facility.  While much of the neoclassical building will remain the same, including many of the stone floors and the center fountain found in the atrium, a number of changes have been made to ensure the building's sustainability and student capacity. This past fall, the workers focused on building classrooms, refurbishing the traditional "altbau" windows, installing new electrical/internet cables and replacing the atrium's acoustics.  
More recently, the renovators have been installing new carpeting and putting up scaffolding in both the inside and outside of the building for painting. Follow us on facebook for more frequent updates and a sneak peak at what the completed campus will look like.