Wenkheim Countdown: 21 Weeks

Wednesday, March 26, 2014:
Palais Wenkheim's Academic Resource Center (ARC) has been quite a challenge to complete over the last few months. In the fall, the workers tore out the old wooden floors completely to prepare to build a new floor/ceiling which would hold the heavy weight of the incoming books. Since, the construction crew has developed a sturdy floor foundation, finished the floor and added carpeting. The following album tells the story of the ARC's development.

The finished Academic Resource Center will include 3 project rooms for group projects, computers, lounge seating, and the writing center for easy access to writing assistance while working on assignments. As you anxiously await for these amenities to be available to you, check out our video of what the Center currently looks like at http://youtu.be/TnQX4_VV2_U.