Wenkheim Countdown: 14 Weeks

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014:
It's Wenkheim Wednesday and just 14 weeks to go until we move into our new building! Outside the Palais, passer-byers can now read our University's name which has been branded on the front of the building.

Over the past week, a great deal of mill work has also been underway. Our crew has begun moving in shelves and lockers into the fourth floor Academic Resource Center. Lockers have also been installed in a hallway on the second floor and will be available for students to use throughout their day on campus.  Additionally, new benches are being built into many of the hallways to give students a location to lounge between classes.  Other new additions include fully functioning elevators  and the staff kitchens which are nearly complete.

To read more about the recent renovations at Palais Wenkheim, check out our Wenkheim page. More photos from our visit today can be found on our Facebook.