Wenkheim Countdown: 13 weeks!

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
It's another Wenkheim Wednesday! Progress is moving very quickly as the crew works hard to make their June deadline requiring most of the mill work to be finished. In the Atrium, the Palais's previous lamps have been put back in place, giving an even classier atmosphere to the beautiful open room.  In the Academic Resource Center, study carrels have been built and placed along the windows facing the atrium. Also, the project rooms now have dividing walls resulting in three separate rooms seating 6-8 people.

Throughout the rest of the building, every floor now has lockers built into them for student use. Students will be able to take out a key after submitting a 1 or 2 euro coin deposit and keep their belongings safely locked while in class or around the building.  Other additions include fully functioning phones, internet and computer servers, flag poles outside the building, more lighting, further progress on the staff kitchens and hallway benches, and the painting of the walls in the video recording studios and all rooms on the ground floor.

To read more about the recent renovations at Palais Wenkheim, check out our Wenkheim page. More photos from our visit today can be found on our Facebook