Wenkheim Countdown: 12 weeks!

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
It's Wenkheim Wednesday and just 12 more weeks 'til we move into the newly renovated Palais Wenkheim. With an extended weekend ahead, you may want to consider taking an evening stroll down Praterstrasse to see the Palais's beautiful, illuminating lights we had set up on the façade.  Other additions include new studio lights in the Video Recording Studio. Although the room is completely black, the new lights have the ability to turn the studio into the brightest room in the building.

Also, with all of its construction finished, the atrium is now completely cleaned up and only awaits its furniture. With a fresh coat of white paint, the room looks quite stunning.

The last of the major changes from this week were in the Academic Resource Center. New shelves and benches are being built into place. As shown in the pictures, there will be benches wrapping all along the outside windows, providing both study and lounging space for student visitors. A new librarian reception desk has also been placed into the room right outside the project rooms.

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