Wenkheim Countdown: 11 weeks!

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014
We must wait only 11 more weeks until our students move into Webster's new campus, Palais Wenkheim. As the millwork continues, the Palais begins to look more and more like a university campus every day (apart from the giant machine being used for painting touch-ups in the Atrium). Today, we got a glimpse of the workers carrying in a few of the classroom desk/chairs and watched as they carried each of them up the stairs and into the classrooms. The chairs seen below are special swivel chairs which will be used in six of the university's classrooms. They will continue to move in more furniture during the upcoming weeks.

In the Academic Resource Center, the benches placed around the perimeter are nearly complete. The benches around the rest of the campus were also finished this week bringing a bit of color to building. Each floor has been assigned a color which has been used for the benches, the faculty kitchen flooring and on some of the acoustical paneling.

On the ground floor, we were very excited to see that the fountain is now working! When loud drills and equipment weren't being used, the peaceful sound of flowing water could be heard resonating throughout the Atrium.

On an administrative end, on Monday, the building was officially passed over to Webster, putting the university staff fully in charge of the new facility. This afternoon, staff and faculty members enjoyed a look at the campus as they discussed office floor plans and their upcoming move-in.

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