Webster Visits Mauthausen Memorial

Last Saturday, Webster students ventured to Upper Austria for a guided tour at Mauthausen, a former concentration camp from the National Socialist period of Austria's history (1938- 1945). Students spent the day learning about the tragic history of Mauthausen and the people who were sent there. The camp has been partially preserved and turned into a memorial and educational site. 

This annual field trip allows students, staff, and faculty to gain a better understanding of the past. Student Rasul Meredov, who attended the excursion, said, "I felt sorrow because it is a place where tragic things happened. When I learned about the prisoners' living quarters and conditions, it was shocking." After the visit, students shared their experience and reactions together with the guide, to process what they had seen and heard in a meaningful way before returning home.

The Student Resource Center organizes educational excursions offer students meaningful learning experiences to grow and gain knowledge on all kinds of topics.