Webster Leadership Retreat 2017: Pistoia

What could be better than learning about leadership under the Tuscan sun? Twenty-one students from Webster's Vienna and Geneva campuses experienced exactly this during their annual leadership retreat this Spring. Through the Webster LEADS program, the students had the opportunity to journey to Italy for a memorable retreat. Their destination was Pistoia Italy, a quaint village located in the Italian region of Tuscany. 

During their time in Italy, the students resided in a 16th century villa nestled in the Tuscan hillside just outside of Pistoia, near Florence. Their program included different leadership workshops and activities aimed at preparing them to assume leadership positions at their universities, especially as leaders in upcoming new student orientations (NSOs).

The activities included icebreakers, team-building and skills building activities (role-play and orienteering), an art project, delegated time for reflection, and time spent planning how to improve the campus community through engaged student leadership. In addition to leadership activities, the participants also had the opportunity to tour both Florence and Bologna; a particularly special treat!