Webster’s Valentine’s Day Festivities

Love was in the air at Webster this Valentine's Day! Students with bright smiles and happy faces were scattered about the atrium, enjoying a non-alcoholic beverage or two! Darya Makshyna, the newly elected SGA Events Officer has started her position with a bang!  She, along with the creative mind of Barbara Burcul, and helpful hand of Ilian Scheutz, have created a lovely display featuring a bar and a photo gallery of what love means to students, staff, and faculty. The photos varied but the common thread of love strung it all together.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you to our volunteers: Sam Pavlevchev, Nour Benyousef, Heba Afifi, Katarina Jelic, and Damir Zolota for helping at the stand. 



This event was sponsored by the Student Government Association.