Webster’s Holiday Christmas Market Raises Over 750 Euros for Charity

The atrium was buzzing with holiday spirit as the students from the Student Government Association (SGA) and several clubs hosted the annual Charity Christmas Market. With punch, delicious treats, and dishes, each stand raised money for different charities.

The market had stands from the Psych Club, WEBMUN, SGA, and students who united to raise funds for causes they care about.

The charities which were supported included: Licht ins Dunkel,  Egyptian Children’s Cancer HospitalRainbows, a charity that helps children deal with emotional traumas, UNICEF, and an animal shelter in Romania called Casa lui patrocle.

In total, over 750 Euros were raised!

The event's main organizer, student Angelina Voinova, said, "It was a great experience to host the charity market - it's inspiring for students to come together and support good causes!"

Thank you to all our students for your fantastic efforts!