“NeuroIS Conference 2019: Psychology Student Receives the Prize for the Most Visionary Paper”

“NeuroIS Conference 2019: Psychology student receives the prize for the most visionary paper”

During the NeuroIS Conference in June 2019, the Psychology department’s head, Dr. Peter Walla, in collaboration with the student Sofija Lozovic, won the “Zemlicka Award – The most visionary paper”. The paper will be also published as chapter in the book “Information Systems and Neuroscience” (published by Springer). Below you can find the details of the paper and the link from NeuroIS Conference:

“The Effect of Technology on Human Social Perception: a multi-methods NeuroIS pilot investigation”

Walla, Peter (1,2); Lozovic, Sofija (1)
Organization(s): 1: Webster Vienna Private University, Vienna, Austria; 2: School of Psychology, Newcastle University, Newcastle, Australia

For more details: NeuroIC Conference – Zemlicka Award