Tycoons, Oligarchs and Media Conglomerates

On Thursday, February 5, 2015, Dunja Mijatović, the Representative on Freedom of the Media at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), spoke on the problem of media plurality. As a representative for the OSCE since 2010 and one of the founders of the Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia Herzegovina, Mijatović shared her thoughts and experiences on media freedom for society today. Media plurality is increasing throughout Europe. Without a variety of voices able to reach its audience, basic freedoms cannot be practiced. Therefore, Mijatović addressed these issues to Webster staff, students and outside guests during her speech.

Currently, there are ``no rules, no legally binding documents that specifically focus on the monopoly of media`` stated Mijatović. She indicated that there are no international rules that prohibit politicians from owning media and that anyone can own media. This issue calls for her and the OSCE to step up and aid those that need help with these situations. Mijatović declared, ``The last thing I want is to tell journalists how to do their job. ``

With 57 participating states in the OSCE, this organization can step in and try to alleviate some of the issues or help those journalists that have been falsely arrested. The events of OSCE are the only way some countries are involved in any type of dialogue. This is important for media, journalists and citizens because without free media all will suffer.

After Mijatović held her speech, the floor opened for questions. An intense discussion on online media lead to Mijatović admitting that this type of media and citizen journalists such as bloggers may ``be the light at the end of the tunnel.`` Using this type of media outlet, gives journalists in countries without freedom the ability to report as they would like. The event ended on a very positive note with Mijatović stating ``Believe in journalism, we need Journalism.`` Guests then enjoyed refreshments while mingling with Mijatović and each other.