TEDxVienna - Brave New Space

On Saturday, November 1st, Webster Scholars joined Scholars program coordinator Dorothy Kopel, Webster Scholars seminar professor Seth Wiener, and Webster Scholarship Coordinator Katherine Price Beuchert for TedxVienna at the Volkstheather in the 7th district. http://tedxvienna.at/bravenewspace
The Webster Scholars group was among the 1000 participants at the day-long event, which hosted 20 international and local speakers under the title of a "Brave New Space." Speakers tackled diverse topics from sociology and the economics of love, digital biology, leadership to space, entrepreneurship, social activism, and self quantification.
Huntsville, Alabama missile engineer Destin Sandlin's message particularly resonated with Webster Scholars students, and sums up what the students in the Scholars program aspire to: "in a world of talkers, be a thinker and doer."