Students to resolve energy crisis in new Webster Campus

Don’t miss your opportunity to join Webster’s Model United Nations conference this fall in Palais Wenkheim

Webster will host the first edition of Webster University Model United Nations, WebMUN 2014, with the theme of “Energy issues of the 21st century”. The conference will take place from October 18 to 21 in the new Webster campus, located in the handsome Palais Wenkheim in the heart of Vienna. As part of Model UN, students participate in simulated conferences as country delegates, drafting resolutions and working together to solve crises and world issues. Model UN helps participants develop research, public speaking, debating, writing, teamwork, critical thinking and leadership skills.

What is unique in WebMUN 2014?

1) WebMUN 2014 is one of the first conferences that will adopt interconnectivity as a basis for the conference. A similar composition of countries will be kept in all in the committees, which allows the delegates representing these countries to discuss and co-ordinate their efforts and policies.

2) WebMUN 2014 will be held in Vienna's historic second district, right across the bridge from the medieval old town. During the breaks you can also enjoy the beauty of one of the majestic European capitals.

3) WebMUN 2014 is not just about academics and politics, but also about meeting new people and having a great time in an amazing city. The Secretariat will do their best “to make sure that everyone has a great time not only during the simulations, but also afterwards”.

The event is initiated and organized by the Webster Model UN team. Dennis Heumann, a co-founder of the MUN Club at Webster and one of the initiators of WebMUN 2014, said that “it would be a great opportunity for our students to get more involved with MUN and also learn a lot by organizing such a big event”. The theme offered by WebMUN team is “Energy issues of the 21st century”. According to Dennis, “the committees are designed so that students can fully experience an energy crisis and —hopefully—resolve it”. This year the participating students can choose to participate in the Security Council, General Assembly (2nd Committee), Council of the EU, OPEC or a Press Committee.

Dennis stressed that the main purpose of the conference is “to raise Webster’s profile both locally and internationally by showing the excellent academic standards and ‘showing off’ our new campus and facilities” and “to make WebMUN into an annual, well-known conference”.

The registration has already started. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

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