Staff & Faculty Recognition, 2015

On May 20th, 2015, staff and faculty members gathered at Webster Vienna’s first ever Staff & Faculty appreciation breakfast.

Following this St. Louis tradition, the event consisted of several parts:
The Teacher of the Year award has been presented to Ryan Crawford, the Head of the Writing Center for the second consecutive time. The Excellence in Teaching award went to Mehdi Ali, a long-term professor from the Business and Management Department.

This was followed by the appreciation of the Webster Worldwide Staff Member of the year, our Head of Facility, Renata Caminada. The next part was Webster Vienna’s own creation, the so called “Extra Mile Award”, given out to staff members from the Academic department as well as faculty.
Finally it was time for many staff and faculty members to receive their service awards, recognizing the years of service for Webster. Even two 25 year awards (large wooden chairs) were given out.

More photos on facebook.