Staff and Faculty Spotlight- October 2016: Mag. Alexandra Deubner MSc

The Staff and Faculty Spotlight for the month of October features a friendly and helpful staff member who works in our Career Development Office on the 5th floor, Mag. MSc Alexandra Deubner

1. As a career development officer, what would you recommend are essential tools students should have when getting ready to graduate and enter the work force?

Work experience, ambition and believing in yourself are the most important tools. You should never give up, follow your heart, do what you love and you will see that the opportunities will follow.

2. What piece of advice would you give new students, freshmen, as they start their university life?

Study hard, but also enjoy your time here in Vienna and Europe. This time in your life is special, you will probably never have that much free time on your hands again (at least until you retire). Join a club, it not only looks good on your CV, but it will also broaden your mind and help you make new friends.

Keep learning and experiencing new things. You never know how or when it may make an impact in the future.

Steve Jobs once said that one day he decided to take a calligraphy class in college which he found fascinating, but which did not seem to have any practical application in his life.
Ten years later, when they were designing the first Macintosh computer, he remembered this specific calligraphy course and designed this font into the Mac. It was the first computer with beautiful typography. If he had never joined that single course in college, Apple may not have thought of this special feature.

3. What advice would you give senior students who are months away from graduating?

Book an appointment with me!

4. What ambitions did you have back when you were graduating from University?

I actually didn´t know what to do, I only knew that my passions were Marketing and HR development. I also remember that it was frustrating not only to believe that you need to know exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life, but also to apply for jobs at entry level that seemingly required several years of experience. I was also a student so I understand what you are all going through!

5. Can you tell us a bit more about your educational background?

After high school I spent 1 year with EF in Santa Barbara, then studied international business at the Vienna University of Economics with specialization in behavior- scientific oriented management. Then I did an MSc in Coaching and now study psychology at the University of Vienna.

6. Given that Webster Vienna is such an international university, hosting over 70 different nationalities, what recommendations do you have for Non-EU students who want to make Austria their home?

  1.  Learn German! Most companies/jobs require German and you limit yourself if you don´t learn it as there won´t be many international jobs.
  2. Get internships during your studies. They can be your true door opener as you can prove that you would the perfect employee/match and they will rather offer a job to you than to someone they don´t know or find it harder to refuse you when they know you
  3. Make Austrian friends!

7. When should students start planning their career path?

ASAP! Start preparing your CV and find internships that interest you, that way you might find out what you like and don´t like and define your career path. You don´t need to know exactly what you want to become as you will probably have different jobs in different fields anyway. Just keep on going, keep on learning and experiencing new things and follow your heart- it will all fall into place in the end.

8. What services do you provide at the CDC for both undergraduate and graduate students?

We do career counseling (check students’ CV & Cover Letters and help with their job search strategy), career coaching (If they don´t know what they want to do when they graduate), workshops (CV, interviews...), career events (e.g. career lunches), job postings on FB, our wonderful mentoring program, and potential analysis in cooperation with the psych department.

9. What do you like the most about your job?

Coaching! I love to support and motivate students and alumni. I love it when people come with their problems to my office and leave with a positive attitude, a brighter future, and ideally a solution.

10. Do you have any hidden talents?

Being there for people in need. I used to work as a volunteer in a homeless shelter and now do terminal care and grief counseling as a volunteer in a hospice in Vienna.

-Author: Mauro Ortiz, Management with an emphasis in Marketing - BA '17