Special issue on non-conscious brain processes

Peter Walla, Head of the Psychology Department, is guest editing a special issue on "Sub- and Unconscious Brain Processes": click here for more details!

Clearly, there is growing interest in non-conscious brain processes in the human brain. We all know that initial interest started centuries ago, but with the advent of modern technologies that give us objective access to processes below the level of awareness, the endeavor to better understand our non-conscious mind has gained a totally new perspective. There is a strong need for all scholars to do as much as we can to contribute to that endeavor, because the non-conscious mind still has largely unknown effects on basically all kinds of human behavior, in both clinical and non-clinical environments, in political and economical, as well as any other social settings.

With biggest pleasure I am thus asking for contributions to this Special Issue on non-conscious brain processes, with a focus on the distinction between sub- and unconscious processes, which are both non-conscious. Unconscious processes do not have the potential to enter the stream of consciousness, while sub-conscious processes do. If you feel like you can contribute to this fascinating topic, please do not hesitate to submit your piece to Applied Sciences, which is the perfect open access platform for this purpose.

Prof. Dr. Peter Walla
Guest Editor