SGA Team Building in Budapest

Webster Vienna’s Student Government Association (the SGA) went on their very first team-building retreat from November 18-20th to Budapest. The trip allowed participants to get to know each other and develop stronger connections. SGA president, Balint Molnar (a Hungarian native), organized this memorable trip for the members, even creating a treasure hunt at the picturesque Castle of Budapest. The SGA also participated in a team building activity called, “Escape the Room”. A game with mind-challenging tasks and a realistic atmosphere. Ilian Scheutz said, “The escape the room was best part because it allowed us to work together and have fun." Freshman Darya Makshyna stated, "With no doubt, the main attraction of the journey was a visit to famous thermal baths with a rooftop providing a 360 view of Budapest.” 

Having enjoyed the retreat thoroughly, the SGA team made it home safely and is currently back to even more productive work.


Special thanks to Balint Molnar and family for providing accommodations for the trip.