Schubert on FM4 to discuss IS and Saudi Arabia


Dr. Samuel Schubert of Webster Vienna was once again invited to speak on Austrian FM4 news program Reality Check, lending his expertise to the newest developments concerning the Islamic State. Islamic State militants have been launching attacks on Shia communities within Saudi Arabia, and this puts Saudi Arabia into a very precarious situation.

Saudi Arabia, particularly its Wahhabi element, has vilified the Shia ideology as heretical. Saudi Arabia must now defend this very same minority group within its borders, with the understanding that in lieu of action, Iran would felt compelled to do so. No matter how the situation proceeds, the Islamic State further inflames sectarian tensions between Sunni and Shia while challenging Saudi ideological leadership.

Journalist John Cummins and Dr. Schubert both agree that attacks on Saudi Arabia are as much a question of military tactics as of moral leadership of the Sunni majority. Dr. Schubert posited, “If ISIS can attack the Shia and the Saudis come to the aid of the Shia, then [ISIS] can assume the mantel of the leadership of that position amongst the more hardline Saudis.” The interview can be heard here under the header Islamic State and Saudi Arabia.