Review: WebMUN 2015

Delegations from over 45 countries attended this year's three-day Webster Model United Nations at Palais Wenkheim. WebMUN 2015 was opened by Webster University’s Provost Julian Schuster and keynote-speaker H.E. Ambassador Hubert Heiss from the Austrian Ministry for European and Foreign Affairs. Present both at the opening and closing ceremonies were Prof. Dr. Bernd Marin, Webster Vienna's new director and Prof. Dr. Franco Algieri, Head of the International Relations Department. Dennis Heumann, this year’s WebMUN’s Secretary General honored best delegates on the final day. For an overview, consult WebMUN’s official website at

This year’s topic, The Geopolitics of Resource Scarcity was discussed in-depth during the conference. Resource scarcity was addressed during several simulations of crises, bringing numerous committees together who tried to resolve issues through combined effort. The need for delegations to coordinate and cooperate gave a first-hand experience of the real-life link between global topics and international organizations.

The conference took place with substantial support by Webster’s International Relations Department, the Media Department and business students. Professors provided their expertise in preparation and handling of all relevant topics. This enabled the crisis-team to create well-researched simulations dedicated to energy security, resource scarcity and geopolitical issues. Excerpts of the professors' contributions to the conference can be watched here.

The interconnectivity sessions, last year’s huge success, were improved and raised to a new level. Representatives of the same country met to discuss and coordinate efforts and policies throughout various committees in order to better achieve outcomes favorable to their interests. Delegates worked in interconnectivity meetings with other country representatives and strived for alliances, giving the conference an air of real-life politics and diplomacy.

WebMUN 2015 helped improving academic research, public speaking, debating, critical thinking and teamwork, as well as leadership skills. The conference’s main goal was to give students a practical sense of how politics, diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations work.

The entire WebMUN Team wants to thank all participants and contributors! Please check our facebook page for news and information about WebMUN 2016 as well as a recap of this year’s conference: