Research Seminar by Dr. Workie

The Business and Management Department held another Research Seminar within its new event series to provide insights into current departmental research activities and to support students in preparing for their upcoming master theses. This time Dr. Menbere Workie presented his research on “The Payoffs from Investing into Information and Communication Technology” and walked the audience through the process and execution of his research activity. The presentation covered both the theoretical framework of understanding the link between information and communication technology (ICT) investment and economic growth as well as measurement issues in order to quantify the payoffs from investing into the ICT sector using the data of advancing economies. Dr. Workie also looked into the competitiveness of the European Union in the ICT sector and empirically examines the constraints of ICT usage in the EU.

Students were again able to see and hear about doing research first-hand and thus prepare themselves for their upcoming master theses.

Feel free to join one of the next Reserach Seminars of the series! Find out about the other topics and dates here. Open to faculty, students and staff!