Research Seminar by Dr. Madlberger

The Business and Management Department invited faculty, students and staff to another Research Seminar within its new event series to provide insights into current departmental research activities and to support students in preparing for their upcoming master theses. This time Dr. Maria Madlberger presented her research on "Shopping by swiping: What drives users to make purchases with  their mobile phones?". In her presentation she took the audience on a journey through the typical stages of a research project involving a quantitative survey as it may be conducted in a marketing-related master thesis. The quantitative empirical study Dr. Madlberger presented was conducted as a marketing research project in the latest MNGT 4570 Marketing Research course where students collected and analyzed data from 229 respondents in a face-to-face survey. The study investigates impact factors on consumers’ intention to shop with their mobile phones, a behavior that is rapidly increasing in many industries. The applied research model relates to literature in marketing as well as information systems and is based on recognized theories on consumer behavior (theory of planned behavior) and information systems usage (DeLone and McLean’s IS success model). Findings indicate that users’ intention to make purchases with their mobile phones are influenced by quality dimensions of mobile shopping apps, trust, risk, attitude, and shopping values.

Students were again able to see and hear about doing research first-hand and thus prepare themselves for their upcoming master theses.

Feel free to join one of the next Research Seminars of the series! Find out about the other topics and dates here. Open to faculty, students and staff!