Research Seminar by Dr. Habodaszova

On Wednesday, the Business & Management Department invited students, faculty, and staff to the latest seminar in its Research Seminar Series. Faculty member Dr. Luba Habodaszova presented some of the preliminary findings on her topic “Crime Rates in Slovakia: Does Gambling Matter?”

While many studies debate the social costs and benefits of legal gambling, Dr Habodaszova’s study specifically explores the relationship between gambling and crime using panel data from the Slovak Republic from the period between 2011 and 2015. Dr. Habodaszova presented her theoretical background, research methods, and data to those present. She highlighted the concept of unrecognized heterogeneity, i.e. how cultural or location-specific attributes may affect a researcher’s ability to claim causality. One way to take this into account, she argued, was to look at data over a period of time.

While Dr. Habodaszova’s study finds no significant evidence that gambling is correlated to different types of crime, such as property or violent crime, it does shows that the causes of crime in Slovakia follow a general pattern found in other studies, e.g., that poor legal opportunities in the labor market, inequality, and some demographic characteristics are leading explanations for higher crime rates in a given region.

Students saw and heard about doing research first-hand at Wednesday’s seminar and will incorporate what they learned into their theses.

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