Pollak on Cameron´s EU strategy


At his latest interview with the Austrian national radio station FM4, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Pollak reflects on British Prime Minister David Cameron’s latest speech about his vision for a reformed European Union. 

Cameron addressed three fields of re-negotiations: (1) the ever closer European Union, (2) EU citizens and their liberty to move freely within the union and (3) the issue of migrants receiving social benefits in Britain.

Pollak comments that the EU law in place gives member states the freedom to choose the level of social benefits. He elaborates by saying that “all requests that Cameron made are well-known to the EU and that there are already existing exceptions for member states, if you want them”.

Furthermore Pollak analyzes Britain’s and specifically Cameron’s strategy towards the referendum about the UK remaining in the European Union. Asked whether he thinks that the British PM is putting on a show, Pollak prefers to qualify the strategy as sending a political message: Cameron is “driven by the back benches and the electoral success of Ukip (UK Independence Party)”.

If you wish to listen to the whole interview, please follow the link. (4th story, David Cameron and the EU)