Participate in a CFR Conference Call

Opportunity for Webster students to interact with leading scholars and policy leaders.

Webster University Vienna provides students access to CFR's Academic Conference Call series. This gives students the valuable opportunity to interact with a CFR fellow, Foreign Affairs author, or another expert in an hour long teleconferenced discussion. Calls take place every other week during each semester and are dedicated to different topics related to international affairs and U.S. foreign policy.

To RSVP for any of the conference calls please email Allison Snowden at

Schedule for Fall 2012 Conference Calls:

  • Thursday, September 26, 18:00-19:00:  "Challenges of Global Governance",  Stewart M. Patrick, Senior Fellow and Director of the International Institutions and Global Governance Program, CFR
  • Wednesday, October 9, 18:00-19:00:  "U.S. Foreign Policy and the Rights of Women and Girls", Rachel B. Vogelstein, Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy, CFR
  • Thursday, October 24, 18:00-19:00: "Nontraditional Warfare",  Max Boot, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies, CFR                         
  • Tuesday, November 5, 18:00-19:00: "American Grand Strategy", Richard N. Haass, President, CFR
  • Thursday, November 21, 18:00-19:00: "Pandemic Preparedness", Laurie Garrett, Senior Fellow for Global Health, CFR
  • Wednesday, December 4, 18:00-19:00:  "The State of U.S.-Pakistan Relations",  Daniel Markey, Senior Fellow for India, Pakistan, and South Asia, CFR