ORF: Pollak on Russian Gas and Sanctions

Thursday February 18th, 2016, Prof. Johannes Pollak appeared on Austrian National Television's (ORF) ECO Magazin, commenting on Austrian energy producer OMV's ambitions for an asset swap with the Russian Gazprom despite ongoing EU sanctions. Dr. Pollak argues that the expectation for increasing gas consumption in Austria justifies the OMV's long-term strategy. Watch the whole segment here.

In a previous interview on FM4's Reality Check (Feb. 4th), Dr. Pollak had questioned the usefulness of EU sanctions against Russia. In his eyes the lack of (1) international unity, (2) an imbalanced relationship [to enforce sanctions on the weaker party] and (3) the population's willingness to endure hardships [in the long-term] undermine their effectiveness in the case of Russia. Listen to the entire interview here.  

Dr. Pollak is currently the Director of Webster Vienna Private University as well as Professor of Political Science and Department Head for Political Science at the Austrian Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS). Together with Dr. S.R. Schubert and Dr. M. Kreutler, he recently published Energy Policy of the European Union (Palgrave, 2016) as part of the European Union Series. Dr. Pollak is interviewed periodically for leading national and international television and radio stations as well as for newspapers and magazines.