Model UN practices for international conferences

The Webster Model UN team held its first practice simulation in preparation for upcoming conferences in France and Romania.

The students in the MUN team enacted a hypothetical Security Council meeting on Thursday, February 13th. The simulated council meeting was held in response to the news that the the Islamic Republic of Iran violated the recent Geneva Interim Agreement and was in the possession of highly enriched uranium and had the capability to build a nuclear bomb within two weeks.  The students played their roles with enthusiasm and everyone enjoyed the simulation.

The simulation was one in a series that will help prepare the students for two upcoming Model UN conferences.  Webster will send a delegation to the Bucharest International Student Model Nations in Romania (from March 26-31) and MEDMUN, a MUN conference dedicated to the middle-east and Mediterranean region held at SciencesPo-Paris, campus Menton in France (March 28-30).  The club is open to all students, and if you are interested in getting involved be sure to join the MUN Facebook group.