Marketing conference paper

Psychology at Webster in Vienna got a conference paper accepted for the 2016 conference of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC)!

Evaluative Conditioning of Brand Attitude - Comparing Explicit and Implicit Measures
by Peter Walla, Monika Koller, Gerhard Brenner, Shannon Bosshard
The aim of the this paper is to test the sensitivity of implicit and explicit measures to capture evaluative conditioning (EC) effects on brand attitude. We compare self report, startle reflex modulation (SRM), heart rate, skin conductance and the Implicit Association Test (IAT). Only SRM and the IAT revealed significant conditioning effects, but more than 1 conditioning procedures were needed to cause changes. Most importantly, SRM, the only implicit measure of raw affective processing, did show a significant EC effect after 6 conditioning procedures, but only in case of disliked brands turning into more liked ones. The findings are discussed in terms of different aspects of brand attitude (affective and cognitive) that seem to be differently affected by EC.