LEADs Students Crushed Their Comfort Zones in Recent Workshop!

On Oct. 6th, a group of LEADs students joined Comfort Zone Crusher Michael Herold for a special workshop. The workshop instructed students on how to get outside of their comfort zones with fun activities and challenges.

The workshop started with a lecture and discussion held at the university on the underlying psychology of fear in social situations and how the ComfortZoneCrusher is using evidence based methods from Exposure Therapy as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help participants live a meaningful life that is goal directed and value oriented. The goal of the approach is to increase the willingness to act in different situations despite unhelpful thoughts and emotions through psychological flexibility. The goal is not to change thoughts and feelings, but rather to gain enough distance from them so that they are no longer dictating your behavior. 

After the lecture, Michael brought the students to the busy Kärntnerstrasse to do some Comfort Zone Challenges together. Some of the challenges included lying down in the street, high-fiving a stranger, asking for free food, and singing loudly in public. These activities are meant to help participants gain confidence in social situations

Students who participated in the workshop said that is was "fun and eye-opening." Student Samuil Pavlevchev remarked on the workshop stating, "The Comfort Zone Crusher workshop is one of those things that has the potential to change one’s life if a person decides to devote to it. Undoubtedly a leader should possess the qualities that we learned throughout the workshop. But those skills are not only useful in a professional manner. In fact, they are much more useful in a personal one. People have no idea how nice other people are and how many things one misses out on just because he/she wouldn’t ask for it."

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