LEADS Excursion: Vienna Shades Tour

Last Friday, March 24th, Webster LEADS students got to explore another side of Vienna with Shades Tours Vienna

Shades Tours Vienna  is a two hour walking tour given by a professional guide who is currently without a fixed address. The objective of the tour is for the participants to learn about and engage with the topic of homelessness, and to better understand the realities of others. Additionally, the tour explained how the Viennese social system works and how social institutions help.

This unique experience broadened the LEADS students' perspective. Freshman student Julia Schaubach said, "It was a  very personal experience to be guided by a homeless person and hear the stories directly from the source - it informed my perceptions of the issue in new ways."

The LEADS program continues to expand and encourage students to learn about themselves and the environment around them.

Stop by room 3.08 to learn more about the LEADS program and sign up!

photo credit: Julia Schaubach