Join the Mentoring Program 2016/17

The Webster Mentoring Program, which will run from November 1 to May 1, provides the best opportunity for students and alumni to connect in a positive one-on-one mentoring relationship:

Students will meet with successful alumni and gain insights and inspiration for their career development, improve their networking and relationship-building skills and prepare for challenges & success after graduation.
Alumni will provide guidance and support to students by interacting with them, exchanging ideas, and sharing their knowledge of career paths and insights to life after graduation.  

Webster Vienna Private University is participating in Webster’s global mentoring program with local events and support here in Vienna. The mentor will act as your sparring partner during monthly mentoring sessions (in person, via e-mail or via net meeting).

The program is open to all students worldwide with a 3.0 GPA or better.

Now is your chance, apply online at by Sept. 30th, 2016