J. Zakary: Humanitarian Careers Talk

Joshua Zakary, who is a double graduate of Webster University (B.A., Marketing, Leiden ’06; M.A., International Marketing, Vienna ’08), spoke to current Webster Vienna students about his career in the humanitarian sector on September 14, 2016.

He said he got the itch to travel while being a student at Webster, having had the opportunity to travel and study in Leiden, Vienna and Thailand.  After spending some time in a 9 to 5 job post-graduate school in Seattle, Washington, Mr. Zakary decided to join the Peace Corps, the United States government’s 24-month humanitarian volunteer service, as an NGO development volunteer in Uganda’s northern region. He said that it was easier to begin a career in this sector as a volunteer, as he was able to network and connect with other humanitarian workers.

He noted that the field does have some negative aspects; sometimes the money for a program dries up, which means that the job also disappears. He also noted that aid workers consistently cope with culture shock, which may instigate some to leave the field. However, he said the work is incredibly rewarding and he can make a seeable change in someone’s life every day.

Mr. Zakary currently works in Iraqi Kurdistan, where he is an area coordinator for ACTED. He has previously worked for USAID, GERES, and RPS.

If you are interested in knowing more about Mr. Zakary's work or getting his advise for your own career plans, please contact the IR Department for his contact details.