IR Students at OSCE Expert Meeting on Migration

Global Master of Arts in International Relations Rachelle Douillard-Proulx and Vienna Master of Arts in International Relations student Kathryn Witkowski joined the Organization for Co-operation and Security in Europe (OSCE) expert meeting on migration issues on Friday, June 17.

Considering the timeliness of migration as a topic of public concern, Douillard-Proulx and Witkowski were able to get an inside perspective on three main topics: how participants define migration as a complex fundamental right, what OSCE member states are currently doing in migration management, and what areas the international organization identifies as key areas of improvement.

Throughout the four sessions of the day, experts from various international organizations, non-governmental organizations, human rights groups, and academia presented their thoughts and opinions on the main topics of discussion. The experts dealt with almost all aspects of the complex issue from the causes of migration, such as conflict or poverty, to effects of migration, both positive and negative. A common thread throughout the meeting was that integration, both into the society of the receiving country and into the workforce, was paramount in successful migration management.

Experts also commented and critiqued the OSCE publication “Food-For-Thought,” which will be presented to the Permanent Council in July. More information on the meeting and other migration efforts by the OSCE can be found here.

Photo: OSCE/Mickey Kroell