IR Faculty's Dr. Schubert talking ISIS on FM4

Webster IR faculty Samuel R. Schubert was invited to talk at Austrian national radio station FM4´s “Reality Check”. The interview about cultural heritage destructions by ISIS was broadcasted nationwide on February 27, 2015.

Dr. Schubert pointed out that the well-organized and theatrically produced destruction of cultural properties and antiquities (they are also selling them but simply not advertising the fact) serves the dual purpose of demonstrating to its supporters that it is delivering on a promise to establish a pure Islamic society, free of idolatry and to provoke its enemies.

The cost of the damage inflicted by ISIS on the cultural heritage of cities such as Aleppo or Mosul is “enormous and almost impossible to quantify.” Moreover, countless objects, some of which have never been seen, let alone catalogued, have been destroyed or looted.

While there is “a great deal of outrage about cultural heritage destruction”, Dr. Schubert notes that the international community usually does not act proactively, e.g. the Bamiyan Buddhas and the tombs of Timbuktu, much in contrast to human rights issues, which are often acted upon.

The full interview is available here: