IR Dept. Welcomes New Trainees!

The International Relations Department recently welcomed two new training scholars, Hamid Azizi and Milena Chorzepa, to aid in the current research agenda, including topics such as energy security, European policies and issues, as well as EU and Asian affairs. The training scholarship provides the department with research administrative support and gives the students an opportunity to enter the ever-changing world of research. In addition to gaining a better knowledge of the IR field, students profit from a partial scholarship for the given term.

Hamid Azizi is pursuing his second undergraduate degree in International Relations at Webster. Having years of experience with the United Nations, his areas of interest are International Affairs, Energy, and Politics in general, as well as Political Violence, Extremism and International Security. Hamid intends to write a thesis on political violence, starting early next year. The training scholarship at WVPU is a unique opportunity to build Hamid’s capacity on the academic research in International Relations.

Milena Chorzepa, a current undergraduate student at Webster Vienna, will soon be undertaking the task of her Bachelor thesis, aiming to connect the International Business and International Relations fields by studying the patterns and causes of Eastern European circular migration throughout the EU.

The IR Department periodically looks for students ready to join its research activities. Anyone interested in assisting the department in the future can apply for a traineeship here