Introducing the International Relations Working Paper Series

First IRWP papers now available online

Webster University’s International Relations Working Paper Series (IRWP) posted its first two working papers on November 25, 2013. The papers “The Interdependence and International Politics of Oil Rentier States: The Case of Saudi Arabia” No.1 (2013) by Islam Qasem and “How the Russian Energy Sector Reacts to Its Foreign Policy: The Costs of Being a Volatile Supplier” No. 2 (2013) by Elina Brutschin are now online and available for public access.
IRWP is a Webster University wide initiative to provide a high-quality, comprehensive source of analytical, theoretical, and methodological articles authored or co-authored by Webster University faculty in multiple academic disciplines with an international or global component. Following a double-blind external peer review process, the IRWP serves to present excellent contemporary scholarship of Webster faculty and researchers worldwide, elicit external peer-review and networking, and facilitate cooperation between campuses and across continents. Because it is a working paper series and not a journal, authors retain full rights to their texts. As such, it serves as an initial step in the long process of finalizing articles for top-tier peer-reviewed journals. As noted by Dean David Wilson, "The [IRWP] is an important step forward in advancing the research reputation of Webster University".
Working papers for the IRWP are accepted for consideration on an ongoing basis and those that pass the peer review process are published in sequence. Further information about the series, submission guidelines, and the latest articles can be viewed on the IRWP website