Intercultural Night and Food Festival Fundraiser

Last Thursday, April 6th, Webster’s atrium was filled with food, costume, and good vibes from all over the world. The Intercultural Night and Food Festival, organized by the Student Government Association, was a success! Delicacies from all over the world were showcased as guests could taste unique dishes prepared by students, staff, and faculty.

The event started off with live music performed by students. First up was Darya Makshyna, where she sang a Ukrainian song in a traditional dress. Afterwards, Alex Haubenburger serenaded the audience with a melody combining his Austrian and Iranian background. The newly formed Music Club, consisting of: Daisy James-Weidner, Estefania Gonzalez, Atum Jones, Nour Ben Yousef, Irene DSV, Ella Avanessian, Muhammad Fermi, Rasul Meredov, Celine Chenga and Alexander Haubenburger wrapped up the performances with “We are the World” by Michael Jackson.

After the performances, students: Julia Schaubach, Ava Novidi, Darina Sokolova, and faculty member, Jutta Marka, went on stage to show off their Dirndln (traditional Austrian dress) and answer questions about their garb.

 The event was a fundraiser organized by students, Heba Afifi, Asma Barkindo, and Darya Makshyna with help from Alexis Wing. 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Das Jungend College, a school in Vienna that helps refugees and asylum seekers integrate into Vienna and further their education.