Intercultural Leadership Workshop

Last Friday, students in our undergraduate leadership certificate program, WebsterLEADS, came together for an afternoon of leadership skill learning and team building. The workshop concentrated on the leadership in a cultural diverse context, and was organized and led by senior leadership student Alexis Wing along with LEADS program head Jesse Alexander of Student Services.

The extended workshop included some icebreakers to get started and get students thinking about different perceptions related to individual and culture. Student Heba Afifi then shared her experiences about founding a company dealing in several different countries and cultural business landscapes, followed by discussion. Students shared their own experiences, how they've recognized and overcome their own hesitations and biases, and also discussed how to meet the challenges facing the university community.

Then came a team-building exercise, the "magic carpet" challenge - how do you work together to flip a carpet without getting off of it? In the end, a good team finds a way to work together! More activities followed, including thinking about unconscious bias and how to take steps to recognize and limit its impact, and the definition of leadership in a university community context such as Webster's. 

The afternoon was capped by group pizza-making team of 18 students in one kitchen and accomplished successfully by Ilayda Edali (who, in a addition to being a leadership program participant also heads the Cooking Club)!

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