The importance of Digital Marketing

Recent fast advancement in digital technologies and relevant changes in consumer behavior are reshaping the world of sales and marketing. The huge potential of on-line real-time connectivity with clients, especially through websites, e-shops, and social networks, has generated seemingly endless possibilities for personalized products, services, and communication, which entrepreneurs needs to implement into their business strategies.

Our marketing and MBA students enjoyed a guest lecture by Vladimir Houba, a digital marketing professional, on June 6. The talk and discussion revolved around importance of market and consumer research in digital marketing, digital marketing campaigns and challenges in integrating digital sales activities into broader strategy.

Vladimir Houba is a management and sales professional experienced in different fields of digital marketing and having over 11 years of experience in cooperation with local and international companies, mostly in CEE region. Prior to joining online and new media industry, Vladimir worked for 5 years in software development business. He is also is experienced in software solutions, web analytics, online research, digital marketing & advertising.