Humans of Webster: Brooke and Gio

Our "Humans of Webster" series is back in full force. This month we are featuring study abroad students Brooke and Gio. See what these talented vloggers/globetrotters/directing students have to say about their adventures in the heart of Europe.

Please tell us a bit about yourselves?

Brooke: I am originally from Dallas, Texas and am currently a senior BA Directing student at The Conservatory of Theater Arts at Webster University in St Louis.

Gio: I am from Cincinnati and am also currently a senior directing student. Brooke and I are actually the only two senior students in the program, as only few are accepted into the Directing Program. We are full time students, but we work professionally all around St. Louis including The Repertory Theater of St Louis.

What made you decide on Vienna as your study abroad destination?

Brooke: Doug Finlayson, the head of the directing program, firmly believes that it is impossible to put an honest depiction of the world on stage if you do not know of the world. I have never left the States, this is my first time abroad.

Gio: We were required to either study abroad or do an internship in the first semester of our senior year. We, of course, decided to study abroad! Vienna is an ideal location because it is so central in Europe. Last weekend we went to Munich, before that Denmark and more is to come!

What are your travel plans looking like so far?

Brooke: Right now we are travelling to new places three out of four weekends, and spending the fourth here in Vienna. Gio and I actually have a shared map on Google Maps with all the countries we both want to visit!

Gio: But we also want to see more of Austria. Perhaps a weekend in Salzburg or Innsbruck. Not only cities, but also the nature of each country and places off the beaten path. We also like to go to museums and theaters.

Where did the idea of ‘’Lacking Direction’’ come from?

Brooke: So one of the requirements from our home advisor while we are abroad is to keep a journal of all of our travels. Right before we left, I was having dinner with one of the adjunct faculty from the Conservatory, and we were talking about how my brain moves faster than my hand so writing a lot can be a challenge. He suggested we create a vlog. This way I would be able to re-experience these moments after my trip. It became a fun challenge for us to record and post videos.

Gio: So Brooke came to me the next day with the idea and I said let’s do it! We were at the airport trying to come up with the name, already on our way to Vienna. We wanted something that reflects us, as directing majors. And after a long list of names we finally came up with “Lacking Direction”

What has been your favorite moment studying abroad in Webster Vienna thus far?

Brooke: So many great moments so far! I would have to choose two: our first trip to Denmark and the Neustifter Kirtag during orientation in which we went to a traditional wine festival outside the city!

Gio: I would say the zip lining excursion during our New Student Orientation, but also our excursion to the Schönbrunn Palace.

If you could describe Vienna in four words which would they be?

Present, active, culture, and adventure

Of all the food you’ve tried here, what would be your favorite Austrian dish?

Brooke: Sausages and sauerkraut! It is much better than what we have at home!

Gio: I love all of the Würstelstands. They are really good!


Interview led by Marketing Assistant: Mauro Ortiz