Honors and Awards – Class 2020

Webster Vienna salutes the Class of 2020 awards and honor recipients on their hard work and dedication in their studies, leadership and contribution to the wider WVPU community.  

Undergraduate Latin Honors

Are awarded to students who have achieved a high-grade point average (GPA) across the curriculum (Summa Cum Laude – with the highest distinction, Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude – with distinction). All students who have a minimum of 45 graded credit hours at Webster University, a minimum of 90 graded credit honors accumulated in the entire college career, and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.7 are considered for undergraduate academic honors. 

The type of honor awarded will be determined on the following GPAs:

  • Those with minimum cumulative GPA between 3.90 – 4.00 will be awarded their bachelor’s degrees with the distinction of summa cum laude
  • Those with a minimum cumulative GPA between 3.80 – 3.89 will be awarded their bachelor’s degrees with the distinction of magna cum laude
  • Those with a minimum cumulative GPA between 3.70 – 3.79 will be their bachelor’s degrees with the distinction of cum laude. 

Summa Cum Laude:

  • Rima Al –Azzawe* 
  • Janine Göschl 
  • Daria Makshyna* 
  • Vanessa Miller* 
  • Samuil Pavlechev 
  • Diana Ramirez Rodriguez 

Magna Cum Laude: 

  • Claude Bindels* 
  • Ielzaveta Golovina* 
  • Dmitry Sten* 

Cum Laude: 

  • Sarah Demesova*
  • David Ilioski 
  • Marlien Sophie Scholz*
  • Jovana Vuletic* 

* Honors awarded to students who are finishing their program in the Spring Semester or Spring II term are tentative pending the final submission of grades.  

Graduate Academic Honors

Recognize the outstanding achievements of students who complete a graduate degree (including all required, elective, prerequisite and transfer courses) while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.95. Sequential degrees and certificates are excluded from this designation.  

  • Andree Claude LaRocque (Psychology)
  • Krista Danielle Price (International Relations)
  • Niya Petrov (Business and Management)

Undergraduate Departmental Honors

Are granted by the academic department in Saint Louis based on outstanding performance in the department courses particularly at the advanced level. Undergraduate awards utilize the student’s GPA as only one measure of academic excellence; at the breadth, level, and rigor of courses completed are also considered. Students must have a recommendation from their Department Heads in order to be reviewed for academic honors. Nominations are made by international campuses, but respective Saint Louis departments make the final selection. 


  • Alexandra Greta Galbavy
  • Janine Goeschl
  • Benedikt Kaltenboeck
  • Marlin Sophie Theresa Scholz 
  • Jovana Vuletic

Media Communications:

  • Altijana Kapidzic
  • Diana Ramirez Rodriguez


  • Rima Al-Azzawe
  • Sarah Demesova
  • Alexandra Greta Galbavy
  • Janine Goeschl
  • Kristina Grymakovska
  • Daria Makshyna
  • Marlin Sophie Theresa Scholz
  • Dmitry Sten
  • Alexandra Stiksa
  • Jovana Vuletic

International Relations: 

  • Rima Al-Azzawe
  • Marcel Pepe Ascui
  • Claude Bindels
  • Kristina Grymakovska
  • David Ilioski


  • Ielzaveta Golovina
  • Vanessa Miller
  • Samuil Pavlevchev

Webster Vienna Schön Nobel Awards for Academic Excellence

Are awards donated by the Dr. Walter Schön Family to recognize academic achievement. Recipients of these awards are selected by the Vienna Honors Committee from a list of candidates who have completed at least one half of their programs of study at Webster University Vienna and who have achieved the highest grade point average within the list of possible candidates. Breadth and rigor of course work completed are also considered. In the case of candidates who are equally qualified academically, the student’s leadership qualities and service contribution to Webster Vienna or to the local community are considered. The Schön Nobel awards Academic Excellence also recognizes graduate students with the best thesis. Each Academic Department Head nominates the best in their respective department and the final selection is made by the Office of the Director. 

  • Undergraduate: Janine Goeschl (Business and Management)
  • Graduate: Andree Claude LaRoque (Psychology)
  • Graduate best thesis:  Krista Danielle Price (International Relations) 

Teacher of the Year

Recognizes both faculty and adjunct faculty members who demonstrate outstanding teaching based on the opinion of the student body. The Student Government Association organizes the voting which is open to all students. The awardees are a faculty and an adjunct faculty member with the highest votes and highest number of taught classes.

  • Faculty: Nikolaos Antonakakis
  • Adjunct:  Alfred Dolecek 

Excellence in Teaching 

Recognizes a faculty member who demonstrates teaching at its finest. Encouraging and rewarding excellence in teaching is the aim of the award. Eligible for the award are faculty members who have taught for three years during the last four years and who have taught at least four courses in this period. The award recognizes, among others, consist excellent student evaluation results, depth of knowledge, ability to motivate students, commitment and innovation. Candidates are nominated by the Department Heads and selected by University Senate. 

  • Julia Ruck 

Webster Alumni Association Awards

Students contributions outside of the classroom through the Undergraduate Student Leadership Award and the Outstanding Graduate Student Award. These awards recognize students who have exhibited distinguished leadership during these years at Webster and have shared their talents whit the major department, the student body, and the surrounding community. To be eligible, the student must have attended Webster University for two years and maintained at least a “B” (for the undergraduate) and a “B+” (for the graduate award) cumulative GPA. 

  • Undergraduate Student Leadership Award: Samuil Pavlevchev
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Krista Danielle Price

Webster University International Distinction Award

Graduating students who successfully complete all of their requirements for their bachelor’s degree and satisfy three core components of international education (second language proficiency, at least one term of study abroad and an international field work/ internship) will have their bachelor’s degree awarded with “International Distinction”. The “International Distinction” designation is annotated on both the student’s diploma and official transcript.

  • Daisy James-Weidner

Webster Vienna Academic Distinction Awards

Recognizes the outstanding academic achievement of undergraduates and graduates during their course work at the Webster Vienna Campus. Only students with an excellent GPA who are not eligible for Webster University Saint Louis Award may be considered by the Director. Students can be excluded from consideration for the Webster Saint Louis due to transfer course grades, sequential degrees, or because they do not meet the minimum amount of graded credit hours at Webster Vienna. Undergraduate students, excluded from the Saint Louis Awards for one of the reasons above, but who have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.70 are considered for this award. Graduate students must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.95

  • Undergraduate: Eva Papic 

Webster Leads Leadership Certificate

Is an on-going application of scholarship and practical leadership experience empowering our diverse student population to develop and excel as global citizens. Through a collaborative process between our students with knowledge, education, and development to assume leadership on campus, in society, and in the global workforce. Students who completed the program and all its components (community service, leadership class, practical leadership experiences for 5 terms, leadership retreat and professional development workshops) with commitment and dedication are recipients of the Webster Leads Leadership certificate.

  • David Ilioski 
  • Darya Makshyna
  • Julia Schaubach 
  • Dmitry Sten 
  • Tinkara Strah
  • Christof Wegiel